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Akhie!! Where are you

whose this

Oh! You wife of mine! I have too much to say to you, May Allah reward you on my behalf and on the behalf of the Muslims.You were patient with me and you stood by me though out the thick and the thin with patience and courage. From you I got the support I needed to carry on this Jihaad. I let you assume the responsibility of the house in 1969, when we had three small children living in one small room with no kitchen and no utilities. When the family became larger, the children grown up and our guests increased, You tolerated this and much more for Allah and my sake. I pray that Allah reward you on My behalf. Had it not been for your patience, I would have never been able to bear this burden alone, you are a content wife who doesn’t care for material things and you never complained about having too little of it. You have never been extravagant when we have had some wealth.
Shaykh Abdullah Azzam [in his will] (via daughterofaslave)

(Source: ummaasiyah)

Ti bwa ou pa wè, se li ka pete je-w.
    The small stick you do not see is the one that may puncture your eye. (via vivayiti)
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i LOLed so hard at your reply to the animal blog :'D


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Jazakhalluhu kheir for the message back Me and my husband have been married for ten months and I am 5 months pregnant which is why I said no when he asked me to come with him to al shaam for fear of my child's safety and welbeing. I am 19 and my husband is 21. Please advice me as I have no friends to ask and our families would completly freak out if I said anything. Jazakhallhu kheir

Wa iyyaki. Na’am. As such is the case I would recommend your husband to stay until the child is born and maybe a few months after that within the analogy from the hadith that the prophet(sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) mentioned that it is disliked for a man to go out for jihad before consumating/enjoying a new marriage or harvesting a field/tree. Na’am. As the situation is, what Islam teaches is holding on to and joining together the familial ties. We often see the youth are overzealous about jihad and go out for no other reason but to be kiilled. Na’am. Some go out not to elevate the shahadah but only to seek shahadah which in reality is nothing wrong but if no preparation is tooken for jihad besidess the mere contemplation and embrace of the death that is decreed we see that it adds nothing to the ranks of the muslims. Yet his decision is his and whatever course he takes you should bear with patience, make du’a, and uphold both of your honor in his absence. Na’am. As we find from the sayings of the shuyookh from the likes of Shaykh Azzam we see that the “urge” of jihad is one that should be met with preparation. Some of the salaf would at least have a years maintenance for their wives before they set out and this is more pious because we know that one cannot leave off something that is fard/wajib for something sunnah/mustahab. Na’am. Yet from reports that I’ve heard coming from Al-Shaam they allow the muhajirun to bring their wives after about 7-18 months of training depending on the jama’at that he chooses to join and they help with bear minimum housing and subsistence and for the shabab that are single the women from the ansar or welcomers of Shaam are eager to contract nikahs and I say this not in regards of your husband but so that you at least know what sort of atmosphere it will be. Na’am. If his patience is such that he can wait until Allah increase his provisions so that you can make this trip together than that would be a better recommendation from me. Some of us after hearin about the conditions of the muslim lands feel that we can be the ones to improve the conditions if such is the case bid him farewell and Fi Aman Allah. If anything try to at least have him consult with you and convey to him your fears and see all of your option but make sure that the decision is not one made off haste since we know haste is from Shaytan. Na’am. And ask those who have knowledge. Whatever I say is wrong is from the evil inclinations of my nafs and the whisperings of shaytan and the good is from whatever hikmah or hidayah that Allah favored me with. If your family or his are completely averse to jihad than no benefit lies in consulting or holding discussions with them since their objective will remain from among only of the likes of dissuading you away and will not take the matter at hands. I also warn you and your husband to be careful of contacting and messaging strangers online about serious and dangerous matters such as this. As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh my beloved sister and wife of a future lion cub.

As salamu alaykum wa as salamu alayna wa ibadihis saliheen. Is there anyone who can send me the refutation of the fabricated claim that the muwahideen are in a involuntary treaty or under a oath that we are unaware of with the kuffar which says we are to obey them and not attack or harm them otherwise we would be sinful? Time with me has become such that it is another important matter of it’s own so if there is anyone who can get this for me a.s.a.p it will be greatly aprreciated. i have read it and I believe Al-‘Alwan or Al-Maqdisi wrote such, na;am, so get to me quickly anyone. barakAllah feekum and Allah has put me in such of trying times to expiate sins or to cover me with his rahma so please keep me in your du’a and pray for the safety of myself and family. Na’am. JazakAllah khair and may Allah give jannah to the muhsinun. Ameen.

أم معاوية: Ibn al-Mubarak's letter to his friend al-Fudayl ibn 'Iyadh


It is reported that when in Tarsus, Ibn al-Mubarak wrote a letter to his friend al-Fudayl ibn 'Iyadh (who was known for his worship in Makkah and Madinah), encouraging him to partake in Jihad and not to be satisfied with simply worshipping Allah in the mosques. Ibn Abi Sukaynah said, ‘In Tarsus…


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hi! I would like to invite you to have a look animals blog! :) Hope you like it and visit it often! :) If you like something feel free to reblog it! ;) Allways folow you back ;) Thank you and have a very good day! ;)))

I will take it into consideration. If ever I’ll only reblog a majestic or vicious animal such as wolf,tiger,falcons and such but I’ll check it out.

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Thanks for following fellow haitian :)

No problem. Nou toujou la ifini nou di L’Union fait la force. Se pa anyen mwen renmen gad kek bagay paj pa w avec lot kon genyen. Aside from that I’m promoting nothing but Islam and that is what I stand upon and it is the most beautiful thing you could ever experience on this earth. Contact me and I’ll glad to explain more to you. Na’am.